Listen To Kembe X Blossom On His Latest Musical Journey, “I Was Depressed Until I Made This”

Passion is an understatement when talking about Kembe X‘s latest album. Making another triumphant return to form with his September single “Voices“, Kembe has truly impressed. With all that being said, the South Holland native wasn’t even close to being done.

I Was Depressed Until I Made This” was a surprise release to me, but it should not go overlooked. Packed with 13 tracks, Kembe shows his unwavering versatility with heart wrenching tales such as “Limb“. As he punches in bar after bar on the verses about his drug dealing past and his undeniable trust issues, Kembe keeps you locked in with his electric delivery. He’s also able to supply elegant vocal performances. “Roblox” is a perfect example. As he tells the never ending cycle of drug dependence, this interlude is hypnotic.

With this project being on all streaming services there’s no excuse for you not to give this one a try.

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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