Get To Know Frankslastday In His Latest Effort, “It’s Okay”

Orlando Vs. World!

Intertwined somewhere in the endless bed of talent otherwise known as Florida, Frankslastday is becoming a breath of fresh air for the entire scene.

A few months ago I stumbled across a quick two-minute track surfing through SoundCloud that instantly gave me chills, and introduced me to an entire scene that I had been overlooking. That track turned out to be ‘Tragedy,’ one of Frankslastday’s more notable efforts, which at the time only had around 3,000 streams. Since then I’ve been in tune with everything the Slayworld affiliate has to offer, including his latest effort “It’s Okay.” Featuring Memphis on production, Franks’ intoxicating delivery hits home per usual, taking the listener on a minute-and-a-half journey which, in turn, feels like an hour through the cascading synths and melodies that almost demands you to place the song on repeat. You can listen for yourself below, and if you like it feel free to dig through more of Franks’ catalog here.

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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