Deniro Farrar and Trent The Hooligan Collide on “King”

Charlotte Vs. World!

So, now that Charlotte pushes out new talent every few months we’re supposed to forget about who originated the sound? Not at all. For years Deniro Farrar has been at the forefront of the city, his extensive catalog dates back beyond 2013, and when he’s not making music he’s bettering his community in a variety of ways.

His latest release, “King,” serves as the first single to an upcoming EP, and after just a few listens it’s been stuck with me. Trent the Hooligan makes his presence felt on the record as well, turning the grittiness up to 11. As the record states, it’s ‘Soul Food’ for the mind, and Deniro has a message he’s determined to get across. Clocking in at just over two minutes in length, the track is an easy listen and there’s no way you’ll be disappointed. Listen to “King” below, and revisit some of Deniro’s catalog here while you’re at it.

Stream Below & Enjoy:

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