NolanBeRollin is The “UltraBeanMan”

VA Vs. The World!

If you’ve kept up with UVW since our start in 2017 chances are you’ve seen NolanBeRollin throughout our feed. The Beanman has been known for his erratic posting schedule but ever since the release of his collaborative compilation, “Shabu” alongside producer powerhouse, Eera, Nolan has been on an absolute hot streak.

Throughout the last few months Nolan has gifted us with “Aquatic“, “YodaMan“, and now the long awaited “UltraBeanMan“.

This 9 track album is just another highlight to add to the Beanman’s discography. Joining forces with Eera on the production, this duo is obviously on the same page: every single beat is a uniform yet alluring soundscape and makes for a perfect canvas for Nolan’s remarkably nonchalant delivery.

Some of my favorite tracks include the extremely catchy “No Russian” and the instrumental wonderland that is “Bonus Stage“, but “UltraBeanMan” is a project you just have to play all the way through.

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